Closing Your Pool for Winter

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It’s that time of year again; the time before it’s actually cold, but when the dread of winter starts taking its hold over Winnipeg. The stores start filling with Halloween candy and back to school deals, pumpkin spice lattes abound on social media. It’s a melancholy time, where we reflect on the fun things we did during the summer, while … Read More

The Best Time of Day To Take A Swim

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Good morning, good evening or good night! You’ve got a pool in your backyard, and you’ve decided to take the plunge, both metaphorically and literally, into improving your fitness through swimming. Congratulations to you; swimming is an excellent way to get fit. You want to build a schedule, so that you’ll be able to kick yourself if you don’t adhere … Read More

Cool Pool Toys

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It’s summertime, which means it’s time to keep cool, but we know you don’t just want to keep cool, you want to be cool. We’ve got good news; you’re already pretty cool, with that pool in your backyard; we bet all the neighborhood kids wish their parents were cool like the people with the pool. You know what else is … Read More

5 Gross Things About Public Pools

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You’re here, reading the blog of Winnipeg’s pool repair and renovation experts; that means you probably already have a pool. We’re really glad you do, because that means you don’t have to go to public pools. We don’t mean to sound too harsh, but public pools…are gross. You’re really better off having your own. There’s a few reasons why that … Read More

Pool Safety Tips!

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Hanging out by the pool is a ton of fun, and having pals over to enjoy a swim and the sun can be a laugh! It’s always funny until someone gets hurt, though; safety is no laughing matter! We’re going to put the jokes mostly on hold, because we don’t want to kid about kids being unsafe, and go over … Read More

The Chemicals in Your Pool

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You know pools  are a great place to swim, but what you might not know is that they have all kinds of chemicals. “Oh, I know!” you may be thinking “Pools has chlorine”. That’s true, but it has even more chemicals than that. Water, for example; I mean, it’s not what you’d traditionally think of as a chemical, but it … Read More

The Benefits of Swimming

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There’s nothing like a pool party in the summertime; having friends and family over to bask in the rays of the hot sun while cooling off in clear water is paradise. There’s no doubt that swimming is a fun way of spending a summer’s eve; what’s fun is sometimes the opposite of what’s good for us, but that’s not the … Read More

How Long Do You Need to Run Your Pool Filter Each Day?

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How long one has to run a pump depends upon how effective and efficient your filter is – and also water temperatures or the time of the year. An average quantity might be twelve hours for summer, and six hours for winter; however, there are several variables which are going to have an effect on how much pool filtering the … Read More

Rubaroc Best Materials for A Pool Patio?

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The invention of a material referred to as rubber brought on several changes in the daily activities of modern-day man. No longer were shoes painful to walk in, car steering wheels unforgiving and cold, or tires chipping away inside chunks of rock on the roadside. In addition, rubber brought endless joys to kids in the form of balloons, toys, and … Read More

Top 9 Decisions to Make When Buying A Pool for Your Backyard

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If you’re thinking about adding a pool to your home, planning is critical. There are several aspects that must be taken into account before you take the plunge and buy a pool. You’ll have to set a budget, learn of the various kinds of pools and what is going to work better for your home, find a reputable company to … Read More

Secrets to Hosting an Awesome Pool Party

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Pool parties are the ideal way to cool off within the scorching summer season. Pool parties also are an excellent way for children to celebrate a summer birthday or the end of the school year! Below are 7 things you should do before you plan a children’s pool party and some ideas to make the pool party fun for the … Read More

Is it Time to Renovate Your Pool?

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The pool in your backyard is meant to be a relaxing oasis where your family can have fun splashing around in the sun on lazy Saturday afternoons. You’ve always looked forward to spending time in the clear waters, enjoying the company of family and friends. However, you recently noticed that you’ve become a little unsatisfied with the way your pool … Read More