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Commercial pool liners are 60 Mil thickness (twice that of a residential pool liner) and reinforced with waterproof fibres making them very puncture resistant. These types of commercial pool liners are welded on site to fit the shape of the vessel. There are many colours available and textured liner as well for staircases or anywhere grip is needed.

Commercial Membrane Installation Process:

The pool first must be prepared for smoothness and defects so the new membrane has an even resting place. We then roll out the membrane in strips and cut it to the desired shape. Those shapes are welded by a hot air gun by hand with a pressure roller. There is a 2″-3″ weld overlap which includes at least 2 welds. The welds are inspected very carefully for water tightness and strength. The edge of the welded overlap is then sealed with a liquid PVC which is one more layer of water tightness. The liquid PVC sealer also seals off the edge of the materials fibers so they do not absorb any water.

Where PVC Membrane Liners Best Used?

PVC commercial membranes are suitable to fix leaking concrete pool, upgrading of the liner in a already vinyl pool, and are also suitable to line retention tanks or any vessel that needs to hold water.

Why Elbtal?

We install Elbtal Blue Line PVC membrane exclusively. Elbtal Blue Line (Pool Force) manufactured in Germany at there 400,000 sq ft facility. Pool Force conforms to and exceeds all industry standards. Elbtal has been manufacturing commercial liner material for over 30 years and have an excellent track record. They are a very large company with over 650 million in annual sales. Their after sales support has been tremendous for us and they back their product 100% without hesitation.

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    Stabilized against UV-rays cold resistant and resistant to weathering

  • Good weld-ability
  • Weld-able indoors
  • 60 mil thickness
  • Free of heavy metals and physiological unobjectionable according to EN 71/3
  • Antimicrobial equipped
  • Resistant to all usual chemicals for water treatment in swimming pools (according to the chemical instructions), at water temperature max. 28 degrees not resistant to tar, bitumen, oil, fuel and other solvents not resistant in direct contact to other plastics, f.e. polystyrene

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