Why a Canadian Cedar Sauna Beats Any Other Type

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There’s nothing quite as relaxing as time spent in a sauna, letting you relieve stress and forget about the world. Whether you’re after the physiological effects of saunas, gathering with your loved ones, or you’re just looking for a calming getaway, saunas are the perfect way to treat yourself. When it comes to saunas, quality is of the utmost importance … Read More

Cedar Sauna Bylaws in Winnipeg You Should be Aware of

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  Installing a new cedar sauna is a great way to improve your lifestyle at home and offers the perfect way to relax and destress after a long day. Unfortunately, it’s never as easy as simply installing an outdoor sauna and instantly being able to relax, as there are bylaws and local regulations you’ll need to take into account. Before … Read More

Dundalk LeisureCraft: Cedar Saunas from a Proudly Canadian Company

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When it comes to cedar barrel saunas, you deserve the best. A sauna isn’t something you want to take a risk on – making a hasty choice without doing research can lead to problems down the road. Don’t settle for an inferior cedar sauna kit just because it’s the “easy” option, as their flaws will become apparent very early and … Read More