How to Keep Debris Out of Your Inground Swimming Pool

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As a swimming pool owner, you know the importance of keeping your inground swimming pool free of debris and clean. You always want the inground pool to be ready for use, refreshing, and inviting. Additionally, good maintenance practices will now assist in preventing frustrations in the future that may be caused by neglect. Preventative maintenance is paramount in keeping your … Read More

What Should You Look for in a Swimming Pool Cover?

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As your swimming pool service and maintenance company, we know it is almost swimming pool closing time again – we can’t believe how fast this year has flown by! If you are preparing for swimming pool closing time and are not sure about your cover situation, we have some tips below: Meets Requirements Your county and state might have certain … Read More

Poolside Grilling Ideas

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What’s better than a BBQ by the pool? If you answered “nothing”, we would be inclined to agree. Not certain where you should start? We have a couple of poolside grilling ideas to assist you in getting your grilling inspiration flowing. Baby Artichokes They are great for more than just fabulous spinach & artichoke dip. Baby artichokes beautifully grill up … Read More

How to Keep Your Swimming Pool’s pH in Check

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As it’ll come to maintaining your swimming pool, the thing swimming pool owners hear most often usually comes back to the pH level of the pool. And for good reason. If you have not paid too close of attention to the swimming pool’s pH level as of late, below we list some swimming pool pH tips for why it is … Read More

Fall Is Here, Time to Close Your Pool

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We’re oftentimes asked when the best time is to close a pool for a season.  There are various factors which dictate when you ought to close the pool, from water temperature to the quantity of debris which could get inside the pool.  The industry standard includes “opening your pool early and closing the pool late”.  While that is the standard, … Read More

Closing Your Pool for Winter

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It’s that time of year again; the time before it’s actually cold, but when the dread of winter starts taking its hold over Winnipeg. The stores start filling with Halloween candy and back to school deals, pumpkin spice lattes abound on social media. It’s a melancholy time, where we reflect on the fun things we did during the summer, while … Read More

Need Help Troubleshooting Chemical Odors from My Pool

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Have you ever been to the pool during the summer only to be hit with the overwhelming chemical odor? This smell can easily assault your nostrils and cause you to spend less time enjoying your backyard oasis. Most people believe that the smell is related to high chlorine levels in the water, while others believe that it is perfectly normal. … Read More

Beginners Guide to Pool Vacuum Hose

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It is so good to own a swimming pool at home. You can relax through swimming whenever you want to. But, would it still be relaxing to swim in dirty water? It is not, right? With that, there is a vacuum swimming pool to give you a clear and a clean water. You do not only need the right vacuum … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Pool Covers

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Winter is still freezing everybody and the snow blankets the street, your roof, lawn and even your swimming pool. Your swimming pool is not available after winter? That’s very frustrating especially if you are not like those adventurous junkies, who would do anything for fun, and excitement. You can’t swim in your favorite pool for the rest of the winter. … Read More

The Benefits Of Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Have you thought of buying a product or equipment that can help you easily clean swimming pool? Then learn what are the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner and why you should buy them, in this article. Pools provide a great way of leisure in our home, not needing to go out to refresh us from the heat or stresses … Read More