Concrete Pool Deck Replacements

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Keeping your pool in good working order is obviously important, but it’s also vital to consider the area around your pool as well. A beautiful pool is not nearly as enjoyable if it’s surrounded by broken, flaking, and otherwise neglected concrete.

Why Do I want Concrete Around My Pool?

Concrete is not the only option but it is usually the best. Concrete is a very low maintenance and long lasting attractable surface. It cleans easy and does not wear down or scratch easily.

Concrete Pool Deck Options and Styles

We can help you select colours, patterns, and textures for your concrete that will complement your landscaping and outdoor colour scheme. If you’d prefer standard grey concrete or classic brick, we can help you with that too.

Maybe your existing concrete is in great shape, but it’s time for a whole new look. UV Pool offers coating options that can refresh your concrete and transform the appearance of your pool area.

Will my concrete crack?

Yes. all concrete crack even if it is at the microscopic level. That is why we use steel rebar in all of our concrete work. Steel rebar provides the hold together strength. Cracks in concrete that are opened wide or shifted severely are usually caused from structural issues or lack of rebar in the concrete.

Repairing Concrete Pool Decking

Concrete or other decking that is kept in pristine shape will keep your pool looking new for years to come. Is your concrete flaking or cracking? We can repair it so it looks great again. No matter what kind of pool decking you are using, we can restore or replace it for a fresh, new look.

At UV Pools, we understand and respect the fact that every pool deck is unique, and you’ll appreciate the care and treatment that we provide. The best way to learn about different options for restoring your pool deck is to call us today.

What Does Deck Replacement Entail?

To begin your deck replacement, we’ll remove your existing pool deck using a jackhammer. Since this process is likely to damage the skimmer and pool coping, we strongly recommend that you plan to replace your coping and skimmer when we pour the new concrete. We then prepare the compacted base for the concrete to rest on and lay the rebar. The concrete is then poured up against the pool and wooden forms. After the concrete has started to cure we remove the forms, cut the stress relief cuts (to hide cracks), and clean up!

Have you chosen stamped concrete for your pool decking?

The process for replacing stamped concrete requires a few extra steps. For a more natural look, stamped concrete usually is composed of two colours with the first base colour mixed into the concrete and the second colour broad cast on top of the fresh concrete before being stamped into place. This broad cast powder also serves as a release for the rubber stamps. The following day, we wash away the excess release and seal your concrete.

You can choose from several different stamp patterns, replicating the designs of slate to flagstone (see below). To keep your stamped concrete looking its best, plan to reseal every two to three years.

Is now a good time to restore your concrete pool deck? Call UV Pools for more information and a free quote from Dale Kreviazuk, owner.

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