Pool Repair and Equipment Maintenance

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Just like with any other type of machinery, the mechanical equipment that keeps a pool running tends to need some regular maintenance and minor repairs from time to time. If you happen to notice that your pool water isn’t heating up, or water isn’t circulating properly or isn’t clear, or if your pool lights stop working then it might be … Read More

Top Chlorine Generator Myths

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MYTH #1 – Salt Systems are maintenance free Set it and forget it! Salt systems are rather low-maintenance, but not maintenance-free. Especially when you compare it to a chlorine feeder, which has no moving parts, no sensors, no circuit boards and no electrified metal plates, or salt cell. Maintaining a salt system is not difficult, often just an occasional cleaning of … Read More

Facts about Swimming Pool Chemicals

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There are several categories of Swimming Pool chemicals, each performing one type of function or another. In order to effectively use Swimming Pool chemicals, you should understand the specific function of each type of chemical. There are six categories of chemicals used to maintain a Swimming Pool. They are: 1. Sanitizers: Common trade names: Chlorine, Bromine, Sodium hyprchlorite (liquid chlorine). … Read More