Pool Floor Resurfacing

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What Is The Pool Floor And Why Is It Important?

This is the base that your pool liner rests on. It must provide a smooth surface for you liner and also be able to shift with our Manitoba winters!
You may not give it much thought, but the condition of your pool is vital for both your safety and the longevity of your pool liner. Common problems with pool floors in Manitoba include:

  • Cracks
  • Divots
  • Rough patches
  • Holes
  • Soft spots

We can patch small cracks and some minor holes, but a pool floor that has more extensive damage or rough or soft spots will require resurfacing.

What Is Under The Pool Liner?

Beneath your pool liner is a base that is typically composed of sand and either cement or Zonolite, a silicate material. The floor should be smooth and free from any defects to keep you and your family safe and extend the longevity of your pool liner.

How Do You Check The Pool Floor?

To inspect your pool floor, we will need to remove your pool liner. Pool floor restoration or resurfacing is often a part of pool liner replacement. We’ll carefully check your pool floor’s overall condition, smoothness, and hardness.

Why Should I Resurface My Pool Floor?

A smooth pool surface will significantly extend the life of your pool liner. Placing a pool liner over a rough or damaged pool floor, however, will shorten its life span. In the end, this could result in additional pool liner replacement costs down the road.

One of the other benefits of keeping a smooth pool floor is that it makes it much easier to vacuum and keep the floor free from dirt and debris. If your pool liner is placed over a rough surface, there may be lumps. During the vacuuming process, these lumps will wear down you pool liner more rapidly. You’ll love the ease of cleaning when you have a fine, smooth finish on your pool floor.

You Can See The Results For Yourself!

When UV Pools resurfaces a pool floor, they turn out as good as new – and often even better! Compare the pictures below to see a remarkable difference. The right side of the picture in the middle shows what this pool looked like when we removed the pool liner. You can easily see the damage and the rough patches on the floor. In the left side of the picture, you can see how great the pool floor looked after resurfacing – smoothed out and ready for liner placement.

At UV Pools, we are proud to produce the nicest pool floor restorations in Winnipeg thanks to both the high-quality material we use and the hand-troweling process. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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Pool Floor Sand

This is the sand we use in Winnipeg for pool bases. It gets mixed with cement and troweled smooth.

Can you change how deep my pool is?

This short video shows how we change the depth of pools.