Is Your Indoor Pool Looking More Tired Than New Parents?

Indoor pools are awesome if you live in the Peg - summer is short, and having an indoor pool allows you to swim year-round. UV Pools can help you convert your indoor pool to a salt water pool, install a new liner, or do a general renovation on your indoor oasis. If you are having any ongoing issues with your indoor pool, including issues with humidity, we can help you solve them.

My Indoor Pool Smells Weird - Bad Weird, Not Good Weird. Can You Help With This?

Musty odours or an overwhelming chlorine smell can mean trouble for your pool, but not so much trouble that we can’t fix it. We can install dehumidifying equipment that will control humidity levels and discourage mold, or install a UV sanitation system that will reduce the chlorine smell in your pool room significantly. If the problem is just an overwhelming chlorine smell, try shocking your pool first, and then call us if you continue to have problems.

My Builder Didn’t Really Account For The Humidity Of A Pool When They Built The House. What Can You Do?

If your pool room is built just like the rest of your house without a vapour barrier or windows that can take the conditions of an indoor pool, you may be experiencing structural issues. We will do what we can with the pool part of the equation to minimize any problems you may be experiencing, and let you know if you need to call a contractor to fix anything else in the room.

A dehumidifying and/or proper air circulation system can help ensure that you don’t have problems going forward. We have trusted building contractors that we have worked with on indoor pools that we can recommend.

I Need A New Pool Liner For My Indoor Pool. Do I Need A Special Liner?

No. You can order any of the liner patterns we have. The anti-UV treatment keeps the liner from fading under any light, so it’s equally as useful on an indoor pool.

Do You Do Indoor Pool Maintenance? I Don’t Have Time For It.

Many indoor pools have issues because maintenance isn’t kept up on a regular schedule. Pool maintenance is something we don’t do, but we can refer you to trustworthy businesses that can maintain your indoor pool regularly for you.

Tips for the care and feeding of your indoor pool

  • Keep water and air temperature within two degrees or less of each other. This decreases the evaporation of your pool water.
  • Ensure that your pool is covered when not in use for long periods of time.
  • Test the backup systems such as fans, auxiliary heat, and so on, because power outages can happen at the most inconvenient times.
  • If it’s -25 degrees and your pool pump quits, the de-humidification system may also quit operating.
  • Allow the circulation of fresh air if your pool room has high levels of humidity.
  • Have constant air movement during the winter months to keep windows defrosted.

Have a question about your indoor pool, or just want to know how we can make it better? Have Dale over and we’ll get your pool sorted out in no time.