What Should I Know About Indoor Pools?

Indoor pools in Winnipeg demand special attention to design, and to detail. Owning an indoor pool is rewarding, and allows you to enjoy poolside fun and relaxation all year round.

How Can I Reduce Humidity Levels in my Pool Area?

De-humidifier systems, along with well-circulated air, are important in decreasing humidity levels, especially during Winnipeg winters.

If your system does not have a dehumidification system, install ceiling or stationary fans to circulate air, and ensure that you bring in fresh air from outside often.

How Can I Rid of the Chlorine Smell from an Indoor Pool?

The unpleasant “chlorine” smell from pools is the result of burned up or spent chlorine. Known as chloramines, the build up of this spent chlorine means that your pool water should be shocked.

At UV Pools, we recommend the installation of a UV sanitation system. These systems take over most of the work that chlorine does in a pool, allowing for lower chlorine usage and limited odours.

Pool Room De-Humidification Systems

Pool de-humidification systems remove condensation from the air, and add it back into the pool. This process maintains a constant water and heat level in your pool, while warming up the surrounding room.

When not in use, we recommend that you cover your pool to increase the efficiency of these de-humidification systems.

Tips for Indoor Pool Care

  • Keep water and air temperature within 2 degrees or less of each other. This decreases the evaporation of your pool water.
  • Ensure that your pool is covered when not in use.
  • Test the backup systems, because power outages can happen at the most inconvenient of times. If it’s -25 degrees and your pool pump quits, the de-humidification system may also quit operating.
  • Allow the circulation of fresh air if your pool room has high levels of humidity.
  • Have constant air movement during the winter months to keep windows defrosted.

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