Rubaroc® Benefits and Features

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Rubaroc®: it’s a rubber safety coating designed of polymer resin blended with rubber. The coating may be installed over pretty much any solid surface, exterior or interior, even if it is uneven or cracked. Rubaroc® provides several benefits and has a number of applications in both commercial and residential settings.

Slip Resistance = Safety

The material boasts one of the greatest COF (coefficients of friction) in the floor coatings marketplace. That means it may vastly decrease slip and fall injuries in various settings, like amusement park splash pads, swimming pools, playgrounds or inside the workplace. Plus, if a fall happens, the smooth and soft Rubaroc® surface will assist in minimizing the impact and decrease injury.

Custom-made = Fits Your Style

The material is available in various colors that are guaranteed to complement or match pretty much any exterior or interior flooring. Besides standard mixes and customized colors, it’s also possible to opt to enhance the Rubaroc® coating with customized design work, like a pattern or a logo.

Durability = Cash Savings

Rubaroc® is available with a ten-year warranty because it is made to last for years. The material has been in existence for more than three decades, and the original projects completed with it still stand solid. In spite of its soft surface, it’s tough and may tolerate impact, as well as wear and tear to a good extent. It also is chemically stable and may stand up to harsh environments, whether it is frequent sanitation or pool chemicals. If something happens to the surface, the damaged part usually can be cut out and patched.

Flexibility = Utilize it All Year Long

Rubaroc® is made to expand then contract with sub-surface as much as 40 percent. It’ll make it perfect for any climate, even a climate that has distinct freeze-thaw cycles and seasons. Also, the flexibility will come in handy as you must install the material over an uneven surface which might shift further. With correct application, Rubaroc® holds its smooth surface and shape no matter how ruined the underlying surface is.

High-Quality Bonding = Versatility of Use

The material may create a solid bond with any strong base material like asphalt, concrete, brick, tarmac, epoxy stone, chipboard, wood, crushed aggregate, as well as metals such as aluminum and steel. This amazing versatility creates chances for several various uses of Rubaroc® upon your commercial or residential property, outdoor and indoor flooring alike.

Ultraviolet Stability = Everlasting Beauty

Most asphalt and concrete coatings eventually fade beneath the sun, yet Rubaroc® will not. Its special formula assists in maintaining its color beneath the harshest sunlight. That means any customized designs or colors you pick to implement on the surface will stay vibrant for a long period of time.

Heat Absorption = Improved Comfort

Rubaroc® does not conduct heat, meaning it will remain 15° to 20°colder than concrete, asphalt, or similar surface on a warm summer day, which makes it comfortable to stroll barefoot.

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