What is Rubaroc?

Rubaroc is a durable safety surface, made from granulated rubber (EPDM) that is troweled into place.

This surface is flexible, and stretches and moves with cracked concrete, without separating. Cracks in your pool deck can be covered up, and never re-appear.

Are Different Colours Available?

Yes. UV Pools professionals can mix almost any colour combination to suit your backyard decor. We have all of the primary colours available, and ratio them to create your desired colour.

What Makes Rubaroc a Safety Surface?

Rubaroc is soft to walk upon, and is grippy even when wet. The surrounding area of your pool is safe and slip-resistant when Rubaroc is applied.

How Much Does Rubaroc Cost?

There are variables which affect the cost, however, to coat a standard sized pool deck in Winnipeg will cost around $4,500.

Does Rubaroc Get Hot in the Summer?

Luckily, Rubaroc has a porous surface, allowing it to stay as cool – or cooler – than concrete on hot summer days.

Is Rubaroc Maintenance Free?

Yes. There is no re-sealing or re-applying needed.

How Do I Clean Rubaroc?

To clean, simply sweep, wash down, or pressure wash the Rubaroc surface.

The 3 Main Types of Rubber

EDPM Rubber: Rubaroc virgin EPDM material and resins are made in Germany to strict specifications. EPDM is produced and coloured correctly, and is one of the highest quality and longest lasting rubbers available.

Pre-cycled EPDM Rubber: This rubber is second best, as it is still made from virgin materials however can contain impurities. This rubber may fade faster over time, and the colour range is limited.

SBR – Recycled Car Tires: This rubber material is only good as a base material. There are rubber paving companies in Winnipeg that use this rubber, and dye it to provide colour. It is not a long lasting solution, and smells like car tires in the summer heat.

Why We Use Rubaroc Exclusively

Part of transforming your yard to a backyard oasis is considering the area surrounding your pool.

Concrete is functional, but gets extremely hot in the summer, requiring you to wear sandals to prevent burned feet. It is also prone to cracking, especially during our harsh Winnipeg winters.
Instead, imagine a soft, cool surface that is comfortable to walk on in barefeet, and will withstand any cracking. A surface like this exists – and it’s Rubaroc.

UV Pools is proud to offer Rubaroc, made from a special rubber known as premium grade granulated EPDM, mixed with flexible urethane, which is applied to the existing concrete.

Why Rubaroc?

Experiencing cracks in the concrete around your pool? Don’t worry, as we can cover them with Rubaroc.

Looking for a surface that requires little to no maintenance? WIth Rubaroc, you won’t have to go through the hassle of resealing each year, like you do with sierra stone, or decorative concrete.

Concerned about protecting your family and friends from slips or falls? Rubaroc has a safe, soft, and grippy surface that is non-skid, resilient, and highly durable.

Where Can Rubaroc Be Installed?

We can install Rubaroc over just about any type of surface, including:

  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brick
  • Ashphalt
  • Chip Board

A Proven Product

For more than 25 years, Rubaroc has been used in Canada, and has truly stood the test of time, becoming more successful than ever in the last few years.

Rubaroc only allows its products to be installed by certified dealers (like us at UV Pools), who are trained in all installation and application techniques.

We Can Help

For a better idea of how Rubaroc can transform your pool area, take a look at the photos below. Are you ready to learn more about Rubaroc? Call today for a free quote!

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How Is Rubaroc Installed?

Rubaroc installation is a fairly simple process. Watch the follow video for more details.

How Hot Does Rubaroc Get

Rubaroc stays cool to the touch and easy to walk on even in extreme summer heat. That means no more burning your feet on hot concrete!

Rubaroc Performance in Winter

Shows you how flexible Rubaroc coating is even in extreme cold!

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