Secrets to Hosting an Awesome Pool Party

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Pool parties are the ideal way to cool off within the scorching summer season. Pool parties also are an excellent way for children to celebrate a summer birthday or the end of the school year! Below are 7 things you should do before you plan a children’s pool party and some ideas to make the pool party fun for the … Read More

Indoor Swimming Pool Maintenance

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Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children in some parts of the world. It makes sense that parents would want to provide a way for everyone to enjoy the water year-round. Maybe this is why indoor swimming pools have become so trendy over the years. They can keep the kids occupied while the adults focus on their own … Read More

Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing: Pools Getting Ready For Summer

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Summer is just around the corner. Just count around three months after the freezing winter and you will feel the zesty sun touching your skin again. Before planning to hold your barbecue party on your backyard, have you checked if your pool is visitor-ready or you need to have a fiberglass pool resurfacing? Changing climates can cause your swimming pools … Read More

How To Open Above Ground Pool

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Are you looking for some easy tips for opening above ground pool? Swimming on the spring and summer season can be so refreshing especially during the weekend after all of the week’s work. For some people, they have preferred having an above ground pool over the inground type on their lawn because of its many advantages. First is that it … Read More