How to Patch a Pool Liner

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Pool liners, especially low quality ones, just aren’t designed to last forever. The ones we install last a long and have a warranty to back it up. This is why pool experts recommend selecting the highest quality liner to maximize its lifespan, save money in the long term, and help you avoid having to patch it. Your pool liner could … Read More

Pool Liner Repair Tips

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Here we list some pool liner repair tips: Pool Liner Coming out of the Track? Aboveground Liners and Inground Liners are supposed to fit snugly into the shape of your pool. If your liner was slightly installed off center, or if the pool liner is too small or too large for the shape of your pool, you might see the … Read More

What Chemicals Are Used in Swimming Pools?

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Pool maintenance can be very difficult, especially for new pool owners. There are a lot different things that go into maintaining a safe and healthy pool and figuring out what chemicals are used in swimming pools is one of the toughest to grasp at first. In order to make sure that the water and the chemicals in the pool are … Read More

How To Open Above Ground Pool

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Are you looking for some easy tips for opening above ground pool? Swimming on the spring and summer season can be so refreshing especially during the weekend after all of the week’s work. For some people, they have preferred having an above ground pool over the inground type on their lawn because of its many advantages. First is that it … Read More

Pool Repair and Equipment Maintenance

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Just like with any other type of machinery, the mechanical equipment that keeps a pool running tends to need some regular maintenance and minor repairs from time to time. If you happen to notice that your pool water isn’t heating up, or water isn’t circulating properly or isn’t clear, or if your pool lights stop working then it might be … Read More