How Do I Know if My Pool is Leaking?

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Determining whether your pool has a leak or is simply losing water due to evaporation can be difficult. A leak should be taken seriously because it can lead to long-term damage to your pool structure. On the other hand, evaporation is completely normal and an expected process for every pool. Most pools lose an average of a ¼-inch every day. … Read More

What Signs Indicate You Need a Pool Liner Replacement?

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Replacing your pool liner is one of the most expensive aspects of upkeep for your swimming pool. The national average comes to approximately $2,000 to replace a vinyl liner, marking a significant chunk of change for most homeowners. It makes sense that you would want to wait until the last possible minute to consider replacing your pool liner with costs … Read More

Commercial Pool Membrane Liner

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Commercial pool liners are 60 Mil thickness (twice that of a residential pool liner) and reinforced with waterproof fibres making them very puncture resistant. These types of commercial pool liners are welded on site to fit the shape of the vessel. There are many colours available and textured liner as well for staircases or anywhere grip is needed. The pool … Read More