Winnipeg Pool Repair and Installation Company Urges Customers to Order Their Pool Supplies Immediately as Nationwide Stock Volume is Extremely Limited

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WINNIPEG, Canada – UV Pools, a locally owned and operated pool maintenance, repair and installation company, is urging their clients to place their orders for any pool supplies they need as soon as possible because supplies nationwide are extremely limited. As the summer season approaches demand for pool supplies is always high, but unfortunately the recent storms in Texas have … Read More

Slippery When Wet

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When we’re on surfaces that aren’t properly gripping, we find ourselves slipping and tripping. That’s not an old saying, but it sounds like one, and it might as well be because it’s good advice. Metaphorically, it might mean “when you’re in a situation you don’t have a handle on, you may make avoidable mistakes”; literally, it means tractionless, wet surfaces … Read More

Time is Coming to Replace Inefficient Pool Equipment

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All appliances and mechanical devices will eventually reach the end of their lifespan, and your pool equipment is no exception. There will come a time when every homeowner has to replace their inefficient pool equipment with a much better upgrade. However, some of these expenses can run anywhere from $150 to $800. You should definitely be aware of the signs … Read More

How Do Pool Pump Motors Work?

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Determining which motor pump works best in your kind of pool is necessary. So the right pump functions correctly, you need to consider some factors to guarantee to get their maximum functionalities. The pump basically powers the impeller which makes the water move through it. It converts electrical to mechanical energy. The pump is located at a dry end portion … Read More

Pool Repair and Equipment Maintenance

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Just like with any other type of machinery, the mechanical equipment that keeps a pool running tends to need some regular maintenance and minor repairs from time to time. If you happen to notice that your pool water isn’t heating up, or water isn’t circulating properly or isn’t clear, or if your pool lights stop working then it might be … Read More

Pool Heaters

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Except for on certain exceptionally hot days, swimming in a cold pool isn’t much fun! Heating your pool extends its usefulness and your swimming season, allowing you to enjoy your pool in the spring and fall and on cooler summer evenings.If you own an in-ground pool in Winnipeg, we recommend two styles of heaters. Just give us a call – … Read More