Are Pool Covers Really Effective?

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You have been considering covering your pool during the off-season and maybe even when it isn’t currently in use. Investing in a pool cover sounds like a great idea, but is it really effective enough to warrant using one? Some families wonder whether a pool cover is really going to help keep their pool clean and prevent evaporation. After all, … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Pool Covers

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Winter is still freezing everybody and the snow blankets the street, your roof, lawn and even your swimming pool. Your swimming pool is not available after winter? That’s very frustrating especially if you are not like those adventurous junkies, who would do anything for fun, and excitement. You can’t swim in your favorite pool for the rest of the winter. … Read More

Pool Safety Covers

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Why are these covers safe? Because you can walk over them safety, unlike conventional winter tarp covers. Kids and pets can also be safe in your backyard when your pool is winterized. Are they hard to use and hard to tension properly? Safety covers are actually much easier to use than a conventional cover. If you’ve been through the winterizing … Read More

Automatic Pool Covers

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Why Would I Want an Automatic Pool Cover? Safety is the top reason however keeping your pool clean and the heat in are also attractive benefits. A backyard pool is a fun gathering place for family and friends, but an uncovered pool is a serious danger for children and pets. Tragedies happen every year, and many of them could have … Read More