5 Tips to Have a Successful Pool Party

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Summer is on its way which means it’s almost time to start taking a splash in the clear blue waters of your backyard pool. You want the first pool party of the year to be a roaring success, so you need to start planning right away. When people leave your party, they should be looking forwarding to coming back for … Read More

What Chemicals Are Used in Swimming Pools?

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Pool maintenance can be very difficult, especially for new pool owners. There are a lot different things that go into maintaining a safe and healthy pool and figuring out what chemicals are used in swimming pools is one of the toughest to grasp at first. In order to make sure that the water and the chemicals in the pool are … Read More

How To Choose a Winter Pool Cover

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As the cold weather rolls in and the swimsuits and sunscreen are replaced by parkas and scarves, it sadly becomes time to break out your winter pool covers in Canada. Winters can be brutal, and can cause serious damage to your pool if not closed properly. If you’ve done your homework, you know that the final step in closing your … Read More

A 9-Step Guide to Closing Your Winnipeg Pool

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Summer is over and autumn is here. If you’re a pool owner, that also means it’s time to close down your pool for the winter. Properly closing the pool is a crucial part of pool maintenance. A pool that isn’t properly closed is likely to become damaged over the long, cold winter, and you may find that when you’re ready … Read More

Renovating Your Pool? You Need to Consider These Factors

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Is your pool serving you well? If so, that’s great news, and we’re thrilled that you’re enjoying it! But if you’re finding that your pool just isn’t meeting your family’s needs anymore, you might be considering a pool renovation. We are here to help you through your renovation to make sure that your pool is exactly what you want and … Read More

Win a BBQ – Enter the Spring into Summer Sweepstakes

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Win a BBQ from UV Pools UV Pools is celebrating summer by giving you a chance to WIN a Brinkmann 5 Burner Gas Grill BBQ! At UV Pools, we know the importance of appreciating our prairie summers. We have helped hundreds of homeowners bring their swimming pool back to life. We offer pool renovations, repairs, liner replacements and more. About … Read More

How to Throw a Backyard Tiki Party

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If you’re planning to host some epic parties this summer, you might want to embrace the Tiki theme as a way of getting everyone in the party spirit. A backyard Tiki party is fun, and very easy to organize. Here’s how to pull one off with panache: Embrace Tiki decor by hitting the dollar store to pick up grass skirts, Tiki torches, funky … Read More

Ways to Make Your Backyard Pool Safe for Kids and Pets

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If you have a pool in your backyard, then no doubt safety is a concern whether you have kids and pets of your own, or friends or relatives who bring there’s over to enjoy your pool or hang out around it. There are a number of ways that you can make your pool safe for kids and pets, and help reduce … Read More

Six Surprising Foods You Can BBQ

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You may have mastered making the best burger out there on your backyard grill, or be known for your world-beating ribs or wings, but if you’ve ready to mix things up, there are plenty of other foods you can throw on the BBQ. Here are six surprising foods you can BBQ, and how to get them tasting perfect. Oysters Turn … Read More

Seven Ways You Can Update Your Pool

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No matter the age or condition of your pool, there are lots of things you can do to improve it and make it a much more pleasant place to spend your time. Here are seven ways you can update your pool, ranging from practical updates to exciting stand-out additions: Light it up. If you love nothing more than a dip … Read More

The Best Backyard Toys

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Having a pool is of course awesome, and one way to make your backyard the one that everyone wants to hangout on once the weather warms up. Why not kick things up to a whole new level by adding in some of the best backyard toys available right now? Here are some well worth your consideration: Blow things up with … Read More