Swimming Pool Care for Dog Owners

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In the dog days of summer, your swimming pool is the ideal way for you and your dog to cool off. While it generally is safe for your pup to take a dive into your pool, there are some pool care and safety precautions you ought to take. Here, the pool heater Winnipeg company of UV Pools explains more in … Read More

How to Throw a Fantastic Pool Party

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A pool party is the ideal method of cooling off in the hot summer season. With summer approaching, it is an excellent time to celebrate with family and friends by the swimming pool. Pool celebrations may be fun, yet somewhat overwhelming because there are so many details that are involved.  The swimming pool contractors of UV Pools lists five ways … Read More

How Often Should I Clean my Pool?

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The question on how frequently to clean your pool is a challenging one to answer as cleaning a pool isn’t any simple task! You must be observant and care for problems when they arise. Maintenance of Swimming Pool It is vital to keep your pool clean. It’s one of the ideal methods of avoiding pool maintenance issues. Taking a bit … Read More

You Still Have Time to Install A New Pool Deck

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Part of planning for a new pool remodel or installation involves designing a functional, safe, and attractive deck. You’re certain to spend just as much time upon your deck as you do inside the water; therefore, it is vital to put careful consideration into its design. Pool decks are critical because they’ll be the basis for your whole outside experience … Read More

We Do Underwater Pool Repair, No Need to Waste Money and Water!

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If you’ve been delaying your pool repair because you have not wanted to have your swimming pool drained, UV Pools can help. Not having rebar rust stain removal or additional cosmetic work performed makes your swimming pool look less-than-attractive. Crack Repairs Is your swimming pool cracked? Over a period of time, cracking may happen on the wall and floor of … Read More

Fall Is Here, Time to Close Your Pool

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We’re oftentimes asked when the best time is to close a pool for a season.  There are various factors which dictate when you ought to close the pool, from water temperature to the quantity of debris which could get inside the pool.  The industry standard includes “opening your pool early and closing the pool late”.  While that is the standard, … Read More

When Do You Know It’s Time to Get A Pool Renovation?

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There isn’t anything you love more than swimming in your pool all summer; however, admit it – it is looking a bit rough this year. Is it time for a pool renovation? Read on about these 5 signs your pool may need a bit of restoration:   Fading Colors and Patterns on the Vinyl Liner   Is the color on … Read More

Surf Vs. Turf: Competitive Running and Swimming

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A surf and turf is a great supper for those of us who eat meat; the delicate flavour of lobster or other seafood paired with bold taste of steak. The combo is aesthetically appealing because it brings sea and land together on your plate, uniting the two essential elements of that make up our Planet Earth. Just as swimming and … Read More

Swimming Etiquette 101

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Etiquette is important wherever you go; upscales restaurants, driving around, the maximum of 12 items express checkout at the grocery store, you always need good etiquette so the people around you won’t be tapping their foot and sighing about how impolite you are. The pool is no exception to this rule, except that it’s a bit harder to tap your … Read More

Slippery When Wet

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When we’re on surfaces that aren’t properly gripping, we find ourselves slipping and tripping. That’s not an old saying, but it sounds like one, and it might as well be because it’s good advice. Metaphorically, it might mean “when you’re in a situation you don’t have a handle on, you may make avoidable mistakes”; literally, it means tractionless, wet surfaces … Read More