Pool Water Features

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  Want to really make your pool stand out? If you’re installing a new pool or renovating an existing pool, consider adding water features like the fun and popular LED laminar deck jets (pictured above). We’re often asked how the laminar jets work, and it’s fairly simply. Your pool pump feeds pool water to the feature, where it’s forced through progressively … Read More

Pool Walk In Stairs

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What are your current options for getting in and out of your pool? If they don’t include walk-in stairs, you could be compromising the safety of your family and your guests. A walk-in staircase for your in-ground pool doesn’t just update the appearance of your pool; it also provides much easier access, particularly for children and seniors. Which Step Style … Read More

Pool Lighting

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 Pool lights don’t just add a relaxing ambiance to your pool; they are also a valuable safety feature, making night time swimming and diving an option. At UV Pools in Winnipeg, we are happy to help you choose the type of lighting that will best fit your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle. Choosing Your Underwater Pool Lights We have … Read More

Pool Floor Resurfacing

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We can patch small cracks and some minor holes, but a pool floor that has more extensive damage or rough or soft spots will require resurfacing. Beneath your pool liner is a base that is typically composed of sand and either cement or Zonolite, a silicate material. The floor should be smooth and free from any defects to keep you … Read More

Pool Heaters

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Except for on certain exceptionally hot days, swimming in a cold pool isn’t much fun! Heating your pool extends its usefulness and your swimming season, allowing you to enjoy your pool in the spring and fall and on cooler summer evenings.If you own an in-ground pool in Winnipeg, we recommend two styles of heaters. Just give us a call – … Read More

Rubberized Deck Coatings – Rubaroc

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Why Rubaroc? Part of transforming your yard from functional to oasis is considering what goes around your pool area. Concrete is a functional material, but it gets hot in the summer, requiring you to wear sandals to prevent burned feet, and it’s prone to cracking – especially in our harsh Winnipeg winters! Imagine instead the option of a soft, cool … Read More

Concrete Pool Deck Replacements

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Keeping your pool in good working order is obviously important, but it’s also vital to consider the area around your pool as well. A beautiful pool is not nearly as enjoyable if it’s surrounded by broken, flaking, and otherwise neglected concrete. Why Do I want Concrete Around My Pool? Concrete is not the only option but it is usually the … Read More

Pool Safety Covers

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Why are these covers safe? Because you can walk over them safety, unlike conventional winter tarp covers. Kids and pets can also be safe in your backyard when your pool is winterized. Are they hard to use and hard to tension properly? Safety covers are actually much easier to use than a conventional cover. If you’ve been through the winterizing … Read More

Automatic Pool Covers

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Why Would I Want an Automatic Pool Cover? Safety is the top reason however keeping your pool clean and the heat in are also attractive benefits. A backyard pool is a fun gathering place for family and friends, but an uncovered pool is a serious danger for children and pets. Tragedies happen every year, and many of them could have … Read More

Underground Pipe Repair

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Have you noticed over time that your pool is losing water? Evaporation may be partly to blame – or you could have a leak. If you do in fact have a leak, it’s important to fix it sooner rather than later since a leaking pipe could cause structural damage. How Do I Know if It’s a Leak? If your pool … Read More